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Garden Update: July

Garden Update: July

Summer is in full swing here and I feel like I have perpetual dirt under my nails. Every evening requires scrubbing my hands and feet from the garden soil. The garden has kept me so busy with planting, weeding, harvesting and seeding new things for the fall. Yes, that’s right, it’s already time to seed some fall crops!


Tomatoes are ripening, radishes are ready and the last of the spring crops are coming out. I’m eagerly awaiting summer squash, basil, tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers. I’ve planted a variety of chilies in order to make my own hot sauce. One pepper is even called sriracha!


This tomato is one I brought with me from my old garden. It’s an odd one, I have no idea where it came from. It’s a cherry sized heirloom tomato. These little gems will turn a bright cherry red. I call it “The Rouge Tomato”.

I’ll leave you all with a few more pictures as I’m sure you are as busy in gardens as I am. Have a fantastic week!

The Birth of a New Garden

The Birth of a New Garden